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Gloria Hynes

"I had a fantastic experience training with Zach Rowe. He is very friendly, patient and knowledgeable about the human body. I really miss him a lot and I highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a great trainer."

Clara Lauwers

"I am a mother to 3 little kids and rarely find time to work on myself, but that changed in 2019. I signed up to be a member at the YMCA in Lakewood and shortly after decided to sign up for personal training sessions. That is when I met Zach. In the time that we trained together, Zach taught me more than the right way to use equipment at the gym. Zach helped me find my confidence back, helped me feel better about myself and how to properly kick a punching bag. We often talked about the girl who first walked into the gym and held on to TRX ropes shaking like she was hanging on for dear life. When our sessions ended, I was rocking TRX bands and showing that punching bag who’s boss. Zach has taught me the tools I need to keep working out on my own and has helped me lose 25 pounds. I am able to confidently come up with my own HIIT circuits and I am on my way to a healthier me!"

Nancy Thuvanuti 

"I loved training with Zach. He was instrumental in setting me up with a sustainable workout routine and made my time in the gym enjoyable. Previously, it had been a chore for me! He is very attentive and custom develops a plan to suit your needs. Notably, he helped to drastically improve my form. Thanks to his positive energy and clear instruction, I always felt encouraged to work towards my fitness goals. Highly recommend Zach as a fitness instructor for anyone who wants to start or improve their fitness routine."

Barbara Simpson

"Imagine that you have just retired from decades of teaching young children and you are blessed with your first Grandchild! You cannot imagine how lucky you are! But then you learn at your yearly physical that you have osteoporosis! Your bones are thinning and you may not be strong enough to lift, run, and play with your Grandchild!

That’s when I found Zach Rowe. It’s been almost 2 years since then and Zach has helped me to gain strength, improve my balance, and develop the confidence I needed to become the strongest Grandma I could be. I am so grateful for Zach. He is quite skilled at assessing your fitness level and helps you to become better and stronger with every workout. What I liked best is that he knows where to start, slowly increasing the exercises to help you to get to the next level.

My suggestion, no matter what your challenge may be, just try it for yourself. You will find that working with Zach will help you change for the better!"

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