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Personal Training

What is Personal Training?

When you select me for your personal training, you are investing in me as your individual trainer. When it comes to personal training, I will motivate, encourage, support, and push you to achieve your fitness and nutrition goals. I will help you to get the most out of you training and help you see the results. I am well educated and experienced, so I can teach you how to workout optimally to safely reach your goals.

We have faced difficult times and now is not the time to give up your health and nutrition. I offer you remote or online personal training with the same professional expertise to help you reach your personal fitness goals, except in a remote and online environment. This provides you a way to get one on one attention from me, a qualified professional, ready to give you fitness advice. I use a product called True Coach to program workouts specialized to your needs. I keep your goals in mind when creating these workouts. There are various ways to engage in interaction without face to face contact. We can still have regular check-in’s over the phone, video, or with email. I provide advice, give you motivation, and encouragement. There are no limits to the types of training we can do in an online environment, including strength, cardio, fat loss, and bodybuilding. True Coach gives you a space to view your workouts, track your goals and records, as well as track your nutrition. You can book sessions for one month at a time.

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