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Sports Performance Coach

What is a Sports Performance Coach?

When you have had an injury or illness, it is essential that you do post rehab training. If there is a break to your regular training plan, it has some impact on your fitness level. It may mean you are not at your peak performance. It may have been a much needed break, but that also means you will probably have to do some work to get back into your best shape.

Each sport requires something different from the body. It also requires that you have strength in a specific area. If you are a soccer player, you need to be a fast and efficient runner. If you play golf, you need to focus on the mechanics of your swing. These two sports require something completely different from the athlete. As a sports performance coach, I understand the needs of a specific sport and can help you improve the details that matter. As a sports performance coach, I can also help you get your fitness back during post rehab training. It is important that you train but do not cause additional damage to your body. This type of training can help you achieve both goals.

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